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Recycling News

Do you recycle your schools old furniture?

Families are being urged to reuse school uniforms to save from going to landfill

Reusing or recycling school uniforms can prevent hundreds of tonnes of plastic from going to landfill. It can also save you money!

Recycle your old bins

Cloosed Loop Recycling Scheme

The UEA embarks on a new waste management system

Somerset school is one of the first to recycle their football pitch

Scotland to ban single use plastics

Wales comes top recycling performer for over 10 years

Recycling & climate change news August 2022

Green updates

Waste Management Site Surveys

    Recycling Info and Facts

    Breaking Down Barriers: Overcoming Common Challenges in Recycling Bin Implementation

    A Guide to Choosing the Right Recycling Bins for Your School or Office

    Teaching Children About Recycling

    Unlocking the Green Future: Recycling in Schools and Educational Institutions

    15 ways to cut down waste as a consumer

    How and where to recycle your used batteries

    How and where can I compost my food waste at home?

    Recycling myths

    Did you know PPE can be recycled?

    Recycling starts before you buy

    How can we cut down our food waste?

    Plastic pollution in our seas

    Putting a smile on school recycling

    Why should we recycle?

    Understanding WRAP labelling

    Coffee cup recycling


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