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Putting a smile on school recycling

School Recycling with a Smile!


Eco Members of the Eco Club at Sheffield High School chose new “Smiley Face” Envirobins in a bid to increase the school’s recycling performance, having already gained the Eco-Schools Green Flag award.

Although recycling is taken seriously at Sheffield High School, the students thought that recycling could be made a little bit more fun.

The school installed a 41 litre “smiley face” Envirobin for paper recycling, in each classroom, as well as in the art room, library and administration office. In addition, three, sixty-two litre bins, for collecting plastic bottles, have been placed around the school. This brighter and more fun way of recycling has even caused pupils to name the bins… Barry, Billy, RoBIN, etc.

Having selected the “Smiley Face” Envirobins, Eco Club members have also taken responsibility for emptying them into the large recycling containers. This recycling programme has overall given a new focus to pupils and recycling rates have increased noticeably.

If you would like to find out more about increasing recycling rates in your school contact www.recyclingbins-direct.co.uk for further info.

The full range of smiley face recycling bins can be viewed here

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