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Recycling Its No Waste Of Time - New Internal Recycling Bin Range Launched

Recycling: It’s no waste of time.

At Recycling Bins Direct we work hard to create and constantly evolve litter and recycling bins to help organisations keep their areas clean, tidy and to reduce waste. By implementing an efficient recycling scheme within your organisation you can prevent tons of rubbish being sent to landfill each year.  When litter is sent to landfill it produces harmful greenhouse gases which contribute heavily towards climate change.

Recycling Bins Directs offers a wide range of recycling and litter bin options. This means you can recycle anything from glass to batteries to mixed recycling. Whether you’re looking for a great product which lasts or trying to help promote recycling in you organisation we have a bin to suit you and your requirements!

Our New Range

Here at Recycling Bins Direct we would like to introduce you our new ranges which we are very proud of and believe will incentivize you to proactively recycle.

  • Box Recycling Bins
  • Animal Box Recycling Bins
  • Steel Flip Top Swing Bins
  • CYCLO Recycling Bins
  • RCY Recycling Bins
  • EZ Recycling Bins

Just to give you an idea about how great our Box/RCY Recycling Bins are – you can fit approximately 41 plastic bottles inside one which is great for any office or school environment! Our Box Recycling Bin is a lightweight recycling unit which can collect a single waste stream. You can purchase multiple units or even our double, triple or quad Box units which can allow you to recycle up to 4 waste streams! They are manufactured from galvanised steel or vacuum formed plastic with transparent polythene bodies as standard. We recommend choosing a silver body for the collection of general waste or food waste; this prevents the contents from being seen.

Our Box Recycling Bins also come in fun animal designs for children to help teach them and encourage them to recycle in a fun and interactive way. Whether you choose our Hippo or our Tiger children will have fun using the bins. Our Animal Box Cycle Bins are great to use in classrooms and primary schools or in any Early Years setting. We know how important it is to educated children and adults on the importance of recycling and believe with our new range of bins this will only encourage that outcome.

 If you are in need of a bigger and more robust bin we highly recommend our CYCLO Recycling Bin. With the capacity to recycle three waste streams at once and manufactured from galvanised steel, primed and powder coated for maximum corrosion resistance this is a very popular choice for areas of high traffic. The different aperture types make it clear what should be recycled where with the help of slot entry, hole and open entry systems.

Both the EZ and Steel Flip Top bins are also great additions to any organisation. Both perfect for office environments and for toilet facilities. The bright colours are eye catching and encourage the user to recycle through the correct waste stream. They are a stylish solution to recycling and the apertures on both make them easy to use. With three separate compartments you can collect up to 162 litres of waste. The sloped lid feature prevents any litter from being left on the top of the bin and the magnetic catch doors make the bin easy to open and empty.

Recycling – the facts

  • Around 80% of what ends up in our waste disposal could be recycled.
  • Recycling one can or glass can power a computer for 20 minutes.
  • Every tonne of recycled paper saves 17 trees from being cut down.
  • Plastic can take up to 500 years to decompose - make sure there are plenty of recycling spots on your premises!
  • Every year, the UK uses the equivalent of a forest the size of Wales in paper
  • Recycling paper actually involves less energy than creating it from raw materials
  • 5 out of every 6 glass bottles are thrown in the bin, even though glass is 100% recyclable and these bottles could be recycled again and again.
  • If we recycled every single can in the UK, we could get rid of 14 million dustbins

So what are you waiting for? Click here to start your recycling journey today.

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