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Understanding WRAP Labelling

Explaining WRAP Labelling and Colours

Best Buddy Recycling Bin 84 Litres Light Blue Paper

What does WRAP stand for?

WRAP stands for waste and resources action program.

What is WRAP?

In its simplest terms, WRAP helps people recycle more and waste less, both at home and at work while offering economic as well as environmental benefits. The WRAP organisation works with a wide range of partners, from major UK businesses, manufacturers, trade bodies and local authorities through to individuals looking for practical advice.

What is WRAP compliant labelling?

Wrap are an industry body that allows universal consistent colouring for waste streams. This method of identification uses different colours to separate waste and recycling streams. Each universal colour represents a different waste stream and has been designed to make clear at a glance and help recycling users recycle their waste easily.

White Labelling and Lid = General Waste


Light Blue Labelling and Lid = Paper


 Red Labelling and Lid =  Plastic Bottles

Envirobin Mini 55Ltr plastic

Dark Green Labelling and Lid =  Food Waste

Envirobin Mini lift lid

Lime Green Labelling and Lid = Mixed Recycling


With all of our recycling bins featured on our www.recyclingbins-direct.co.uk website, the standard supplied lid/aperature and labelling options will always be WRAP compliant.

For further details feel free to call our recycling bin helpline on 01359 298072.

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