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Wake Up & Smell The Coffee On Coffee Cup Recycling

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A lot of us may practise recycling at home which is great – but what are the big companies actually doing to help save the environment and play their part? We consume convenient take-away food and drink from coffee to burgers but what actually happens to the packaging?

Starbucks have joined forces with an environmental charity called Hubbub to launch a new funding initiative encouraging local authorities and other organisations to introduce or increase flow on their recycling coffee cup schemes.  There are at least 10 winners of this scheme making Starbucks minimum investment an outstanding £500,000.

The newly named Cup Fund will offer the successful applicants between £50,000 and £100,000 each to help develop and push forward their recycling schemes. They are hopeful this will ensure as few as possible coffee cups get lost to other disposal methods.

Hubbub has commented stating that although the UK now has enough specialist recycling facilities to process the vast amount of paper cups used every year that financial restraints and behaviour change are stalling this process.

‘We know that local authorities and building managers are committed to achieving their recycling targets – but with increased strain on their budgets, investing in infrastructure is difficult,’ Hubbub’s founder Trewin Restorik stated. ‘The launch of The Cup Fund with Starbucks means we will be able to collect cups in significant volumes in areas where there may not have been any drop off points before.’

This fund will be open until the 24th May 2019 and the winners are due to be selected by an independent judging panel. These members are from established charities and committees and include the likes of Local Authority Recycling Advisory Committee (LARAC) and the Chartered Institution of Wastes Management (CIWM).

This follows a previous scheme Starbucks and Hubbub have collaborated in where money was raised through their 5p charge of disposable cups to invest in Hubbubs ‘plastic finishing’ project. This indeed was incredibly successful and led to an increase in use of 156% of reusable cups. They have also teamed up previously on Hubbubs ‘Square Miles waste behaviour change’ initiative which enables the recycling of 1.2 million cups in the first three months of the project launching.

Wake up and smell the coffee

A study in 2017 was created by the Environmental Audit Committee (EAC) and found that just one in every 400 coffee cups distributed in the UK was collected for recycling. This meant more than 500,000 cups were being littered every day.

At Recycling Bins Direct we believe this can be improved and with your help we can decrease the amount of coffee cups being littered.

‘How can we help?’

Excellent question and a great start to getting you and your business/school started with your recycling journey. We offer an excellent range of bins which can kick start the process….drumroll please…introducing the Envirocup XL.


Not just a pretty face…this Envirocup XL is used to effectively recycle not only paper cups but excess liquids.

Ideal for collecting and recycling larger paper and plastic cups up to 103mm diameter (the size used by popular coffee shops and take outs)

The Envirocup XL can hold up to 700 cups which is great news if you want to join Starbucks and Hubbub in helping reduce the amount of littered coffee cups in your workplace or learning environment.

Want something to stand out? Make the recycling process enticing and eye-catching? Don’t worry! The Envirocup XL also comes in a large variety of colours – just follow the link here to see!

For our full range of cups, lids, sleeves and liquid recycling visit the Recycling Bins Direct site


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