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Salt and Grit Bins

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Salt and Grit Bins

Salt and Grit Bins on sale now! Nationwide delivery, product helpline and easy on line ordering. Use our bespoke service and have a bin made up to your colours and specifications, call our helpline today on 01359 298072 for your tailor made quote.

Grit & Salt Bin and Storage Bins. With the British weather being so unpredictable, these essential storage bins for grit and salt are available in two convenient sizes with a raft of top-quality features and benefits. These heavy duty bins can also be used as convenient storage in numerous situations; garden tool storage, toy boxes, log storage for wood burners. The large lift lid on the traditional grit bin ensures that the contents stay dry and clean in all weather.

When the temperature drops and the snow starts to fall, you need to be prepared to deal with the hazards of winter. One of the most effective ways to prevent accidents and injuries on your property is to use salt and grit bins. These are containers that store salt, sand, or a mixture of both, which you can spread on your driveway and pavement to melt the snow and ice and improve traction

  • Residential areas: You can use salt and grit bins to clear your driveway, sidewalk, porch, steps, and garden paths. This will make it easier and safer for you and your visitors to enter and exit your home. You can also share your salt and grit bin with your neighbours if they need it.
  • Commercial areas: You can use salt and grit bins to clear the parking lot, entrance, walkway, and loading dock of your business. This will prevent accidents and injuries for your customers, employees, and suppliers. You can also improve the appearance and accessibility of your premises.
  • Public areas: You can use salt and grit bins to clear the roads, bridges, intersections, bus stops, train stations, schools, hospitals, parks, and other public facilities. This will improve the traffic flow, public transport, emergency services, education, health care, and recreation for the community.
Salt and grit bins are a simple and effective solution for winter safety. By using them properly, you can reduce the risk of slips, falls, collisions, and damages caused by snow and ice. You can also save time, money, and energy by avoiding the need for shovelling or ploughing.