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Buddy Bin Recycle Childrens Bins and Waste Recycling Bins For Kids

Buddy Bin Recycling Bins on sale now! Nationwide delivery, product helpline and easy on line ordering. Use our bespoke service and have a bin made up to your colours and specifications, call our helpline today on 01359 298072 for your tailor made quote.

The Buddy novelty recycling and litter bins have been designed especially for schools. The brightly coloured bin forms part of the EnviroBuddies range which has been developed to encourage kids to recycle and tidy up from an early age.

Are you looking for a fun and effective way to teach children about recycling? Do you want to make recycling more enjoyable and engaging for kids of all ages? If so, you will love our range of buddy novelty recycling bins!

Buddy novelty recycling bins are specially designed to capture children?s imagination and encourage them to recycle. They are made from high-quality plastic that is 100% recyclable, weather-resistant, and UV-stabilised. They come in various shapes, sizes, and colours to suit different waste streams and environments. Whether you need a bin for paper, plastic, cans, or general waste, we have a buddy bin for you!

Some of our most popular buddy bins include:

  • The 84 Litre Novelty Buddy Bin, which features a funny face and a large mouth that kids will love to feed with their recyclable waste. It has a removable lid with a choice of three apertures: happy, sad, or hole. It also includes a WRAP compliant colour-coded lid and a recycling sticker of your choice.
  • The Buddy Recycling Bin - 84 Litre, which has a slimline and compact design that saves space. It has a grey base with a coloured lid that matches your waste stream. It also comes with a WRAP compliant label and optional plastic liner.
  • The Penguin Buddy Recycling Bin - 55 Litre, which is perfect for schools and nurseries. It has a cute penguin shape and a black and white colour scheme that kids will adore. It has a hole aperture that is ideal for bottles and cans. It also comes with a recycling sticker and eyes.
  • The 84 Litre Novelty Space Buddy Bin, which is great for outdoor areas and playgrounds. It has a futuristic space theme and a bright blue colour that stands out. It has a happy aperture that is suitable for paper and cardboard. It also comes with a recycling sticker and eyes.

These are just some of the buddy novelty recycling bins that we offer. You can browse our full collection on our website and find the perfect buddy bin for your needs. We guarantee that our buddy bins will make recycling fun and easy for children and adults alike!

Buddy novelty recycling bins can be used in a range of places where children and adults need to dispose of their recyclable waste. Some of the places where buddy bins are suitable are:
  • Schools and nurseries: Buddy bins can help teach children about the importance of recycling and make it more fun and engaging. They can also brighten up the classrooms and playgrounds with their colourful and cheerful designs.
  • Parks and gardens: Buddy bins can encourage visitors to keep the environment clean and green by disposing of their waste properly. They can also add some charm and character to the outdoor spaces with their novelty shapes and themes.
  • Offices and workplaces: Buddy bins can help employees to reduce their environmental impact and save money by recycling their paper, plastic, cans, and other waste. They can also create a more positive and playful atmosphere in the office with their humorous and friendly faces.
  • Homes and apartments: Buddy bins can help families to adopt a more eco-friendly lifestyle and reduce their waste. They can also make recycling more convenient and enjoyable for everyone with their easy-to-use and attractive features.