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Meridian Envirobins

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Meridian Envirobins Recycle Bins and Waste Recycling Bins

Meridian Envirobins Recycling Bins on sale now! Nationwide delivery, product helpline and easy on line ordering. Use our bespoke service and have a bin made up to your colours and specifications, call our helpline today on 01359 298072 for your tailor made quote.

This space saving office recycling bin has been developed together with The University of Greenwich. Its clever design allows for a huge 110 Litre capacity yet its narrow foot print allows it to fit comfortably into office environments. The bin was designed to champions the sustainable journey to zero waste, with its interchangeable lid system making it flexible to suit wide range of recycling collection plans. The range is available in either a 70/30% split allowing for a dual collection or a 30/40/30% split providing a triple collection option. For clearer waste stream managment, in addition to the supplied WRAP compliant labelling an easy to fit A3 signage kit and WRAP compliant poster is also included.

Meridian Envirobins: The Ultimate Recycling Solution for Your Office

Are you looking for a way to reduce your office waste and promote sustainability? Do you want to save space, money, and time while complying with environmental regulations? If so, you need Meridian Envirobins.

Meridian Envirobins are innovative recycling bins that have been developed in collaboration with The University of Greenwich. They have a large capacity of 110 litres, yet they have a narrow footprint that fits comfortably into any office space. They also have an interchangeable lid system that allows you to customize your recycling collection plan according to your needs.

With Meridian Envirobins, you can choose from a dual or a triple collection option, and select from various waste streams such as paper, plastics, cans, food waste, and more. You can also use the supplied WRAP compliant labelling and signage kit to clearly identify the contents of each bin and educate your staff on proper recycling practices.

Meridian Envirobins are not only practical and efficient, but also stylish and durable. They are made from high-quality materials that are easy to clean and maintain. They come in different colours and designs that suit any office decor. They also have a sleek and modern look that reflects your commitment to environmental responsibility.

If you want to order Meridian Envirobins for your office, you can visit our website here or call our helpline today on 01359 250550 for a tailor-made quote. We offer nationwide delivery, product support, and a bespoke service that allows you to have a bin made up to your colours and specifications.

Don?t wait any longer. Order Meridian Envirobins today and make your office a greener place.

Meridian Envirobins are versatile recycling bins that can be used in a range of places, such as:
  • Offices and workplaces
  • Schools and universities
  • Hospitals and clinics
  • Hotels and restaurants
  • Shopping centres and retail outlets
  • Public buildings and libraries
  • Parks and gardens
No matter where you use them, Meridian Envirobins will help you reduce your environmental impact and improve your waste management.